Development Q&A for Major Escape

For this week’s Major Escape development blog, I thought about making a kind of Q&A. I realized that I haven’t really told anyone what the game really is, how will it work or how does it look like. So, here we go…

What kind of a game is it?

Major Escape is a challenging 2D side-scroller where you need escape the planet you are on, while evading all sorts of obstacles, and collecting items for upgrades.

The main focus of the game will be to escape before is too late, but it will not be a simple task. Gravity is low, so you must learn to control you boost pack to properly evade the obstacles. You are against the clock, but if you take your time to collect items, you’ll be able to patch yourself if you are injured or even upgrade your equipment. Just don’t take took long or you risk getting stranded forever.

Every time you die, or escape, your attempt will be scored and you will receive points that you can use for upgrades.

How about a screenshot?

Sure. These are from the alpha version.



Is the game hard or casual?

The game is meant to be hard to complete without the proper upgrades. Making it to the end without using any upgrades is something I haven’t been able to do myself… yet.

There is persistence for your character, so every time you play you gain points depending on how good you did. With those points you can buy upgrades which will make the game easier.

The real challenge is to escape and score as many points as possible.

Who is making it?

So far, Javier Ramírez (me) is the only person working in the game. I don’t expect anyone to help with it, but that could change.

When will it be released?

My original plan was to work on the game anywhere between 2-3 months. So far it’s been 4 weeks and it looks like it will be at least 5 weeks more before the game is ready, but that could change.

Where will it be released?

The target release platforms are iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and PC.

Are you looking for testers?

Hell yeah! Check out our contact page and let us know you want to help.


Well, there you go. If you have any additional questions, please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or by email.