It’s all about the upgrades

As I’ve said before, Major Escape is meant to be a difficult game. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be impossible to play. As you play, and play it more, you’ll get better at it. With better skills you’ll be able to reach farther and farther, maybe even escape the planet.

Then there are the Upgrades. To aid you in your escape, the game features a series of upgrades that you buy with the accumulated points you gain on each run. These upgrades will make it easier for you to traverse the planet’s unforgiving hazards. Here’s a peek at the upgrade screen (work in progress):


The upgrades so far in the game are the following:

Larger Air Tank
Get 25% more air inside your tank.

Extra Heart
Get 1 more heart in your life bar.

Extra Boost
Get 25% more jetpack boost.

Radiation Resistance
Take more damage before losing a heart.

Energy Shield
Get a rechargeable energy shield.

Ride the dust storms like a Pro.

As you can see, these upgrades will give you an edge on the game, and allow you to maybe finally reach the ever elusive escape shuttle. They are not cheap though. Some of them will require some time and skill to earn. However, as you start upgrading, they will help you get more points faster.